Distance Manila - Dubai

As the Crow Flies

The distance between Manila and Dubai is 6,914 kilometers (4,296 miles).

Manila (Population: 1,652,171) is located in Metro Manila, Philippines. Dubai (Population: 2,262,000) is located in the United Arab Emirates. Philippines and United Arab Emirates are both in Asia.

Time Offset

The time zone of Manila is Philippines Time (PHT), the local time is 11:57 PM. The time zone of Dubai is Gulf Standard Time (GST), the local time is 7:57 PM.

The time difference is 4 hours.

Exchange Rate

The currency of Philippines is Philippine Peso. The currency of United Arab Emirates is United Arab Emirates Dirham.
The exchange rate is PHP1,000.00 = AED82.42 and AED1.00 = PHP12.13.

Manila (PHT)
11:57 PM
Dubai (GST)
7:57 PM

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