Distance Toowoomba - Canberra

As the Crow Flies

The distance between Toowoomba and Canberra is 903 kilometers (561 miles).

Toowoomba (Population: 131,258) is located in Queensland. Canberra (Population: 358,222) is located in Australian Capital Territory. Queensland and Australian Capital Territory are both in Australia. Australia is located in Australia.

By Car

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The driving distance from Toowoomba to Canberra is   kilometers (  miles).
The driving time is estimated to be  .

By Plane

Toowoomba: Toowoomba Airport  (TWB).
Canberra: Canberra International Airport  (CBR).

Time Offset

Toowoomba and Canberra are in the same time zone: Eastern Standard Time (Queensland) (EST).
The local time is 8:16 AM.

Toowoomba (EST)
8:16 AM
Canberra (EST)
8:16 AM

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