Distance Stockholm - Linko, Kankan

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As the Crow Flies

The distance between Stockholm and Linko is 6,003 kilometers (3,730 miles).

Stockholm (Population: 864,324) is located in Sweden. Linko is located in Kankan, Guinea. Sweden is located in Europe. Guinea is located in Africa.

By Train

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Time Offset

The time zone of Stockholm is Central European Time (CET), the local time is 2:33 AM. The time zone of Linko is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the local time is 1:33 AM.

The time difference is 1 hour.

Exchange Rate

The currency of Sweden is Swedish Krona. The currency of Guinea is Guinean Franc.
The exchange rate is SEK1.00 = GNF962.77 and GNF1,000.00 = SEK1.04.

Stockholm (CET)
2:33 AM
Linko (GMT)
1:33 AM