Distance Tripoli - Dubai

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As the Crow Flies

The distance between Tripoli and Dubai is 4,158 kilometers (2,584 miles).

Tripoli (Population: 1,025,244) is located in Tarabulus, Libya. Dubai (Population: 2,262,000) is located in the United Arab Emirates. Libya is located in Africa. United Arab Emirates is located in Asia.

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Time Offset

The time zone of Tripoli is Eastern European Time (EET), the local time is 3:40 PM. The time zone of Dubai is Gulf Standard Time (GST), the local time is 5:40 PM.

The time difference is 2 hours.

Exchange Rate

The currency of Libya is Libyan Dinar. The currency of United Arab Emirates is United Arab Emirates Dirham.
The exchange rate is LYD100.00 = AED81.62 and AED100.00 = LYD122.52.

Tripoli (EET)
3:40 PM
Dubai (GST)
5:40 PM