Distances from Tonga

As the Crow Flies

The distance between Tonga and New York City is 12,459 kilometers (7,742 miles).

By Train

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The driving distance from Tonga to New York City is   kilometers (  miles).
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Time Offset

The time zone of Tonga is Tonga Time (TOT), the local time is 4:35 PM. The time zone of New York City is Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), the local time is 11:35 PM.

The time difference is 17 hours.

Exchange Rate

The currency of Tonga is Tongan Paʻanga. The currency of United States is US Dollar.
The exchange rate is TOP100.00 = USD44.02 and USD100.00 = TOP227.15.

Tonga (TOT)
4:35 PM
New York City (EDT)
11:35 PM